Manoguard 230

  • Manoguard 230
Solvent based silane solution for hidrophobization of mineral building materials. Manoguard 230 is highly resistant to alkalis. Manoguard 230 water-repellent molecules are smaller in size than the pores of the substrate. Due to this, as well as low viscosity, they penetrate deep into the building material and are chemically incorporated into the inner walls of the pores, making the base hydrophobic. The structure becomes vapor-permeable, resistant to UV radiation and weatherproof.


5 l canister, 25 l bucket, 200 l barrel
Use directions
  • Provides transparent protection for decorative concrete, preserving its natural color and texture
  • Preserves concrete without surface lime, protects it from the effects of freezing and thawing
  • "Pushes away" rain water from a bricklaying or decorative ceramics, prevents its absorption and improves appearance of a covering
  • Protects structures from damage caused by absorption of water and harmful substances. It protects against mechanical wear, frost, damage from the action of salts (sulfates, chlorides and nitrates).
  • Water-repellent material that creates deep protection, resistant to UV radiation and abrasive loads.
  • Prevents formation of surface lime and sediment pollutants
  • Does not turn yellow, preserves and does not change the natural tone of the surface.
  • Reduces repair costs and provides better preservation of the treated surface.
  • It creates a transparent protective coating that prevents corrosion of concrete.
Density 920 kg/m3
Drying time 1 hour
Air temperature at drawing from + 5° С to + 40° С
Consumption 0.2-0.3 l/m2