Manodil PS 190

  • Manodil PS 190
Manodil PS 190 is a two-component cold-cured polysulfide sealant with a low modulus of elasticity for joints exposed to aggressive chemical environment. Suitable for working in hidrostatic conditions. Manodil PS 190 is applied with a construction gun for sealants.
Use directions
  • Sealing construction joints;
  • Sealing joints of prefabricated structures;
  • For seams of brickwork;
  • Sealing water tanks, canals, irrigation facilities;
  • For seams exposed to corrosive environments;
  • For seams of concrete structures;
  • For seams in flooring industrial buildings.
  • Polymerization occurs simultaneously throughout the volume of the material;
  • Thixotropic, suitable for vertical joints up to 30 mm wide;
  • High adhesion to most building materials;
  • Elastic, due to which it does not create internal stresses along the edges of the seam;
  • High chemical and weather resistance;
  • High physicomechanical properties;
  • After curing it is suitable for work in conditions of constant hydrostatic pressure in tanks, pools, etc .;
  • It is easy to apply on dry surfaces at a temperature of the base and the environment from 5 ° C to 50 ° C;
  • Keeps elasticity in a wide temperature range of operation from -60 ° С to 80 ° С.