Starmex Level Light

  • Starmex Level Light
Starmex Level Light is a one-component solution consisting of cement, carefully selected aggregates, lightweight aggregate and polymer additives. Starmex Level Light is designed specifically for the repair, leveling of concrete foundations with irregularities up to 100 mm. The possibility of using the rover in the "warm floor". It is used as a base for laying various floor coverings.


Bag of 20 kg
Use directions
  • For leveling bases and devices of light and durable floor in residential and office premises
  • When repairing and in new construction on concrete, on old concrete and weak bases. To create any types of screeds: associated with the base, “floating” from 30 mm, screeds on the separating layer, covering the pipelines, giving the floor a slope
  • It is used as a base for laying various floor coverings.
  • It is used in areas with increased requirements for noise insulation
  • It is used in the “Warm Floor” system to reduce heat loss through the base
  • For interior work in dry and wet areas
  • Fast strength, the ability to move on the floor after 6-8 h
  • Lack of detachments and cracks
  • Lightweight leveling device for low load bearing structure
  • Increased heat and sound insulation properties
  • The thickness of the coating layer from 10 to 100 mm, leveling the surface in one pass
  • Non toxic