Manoguard 237

  • Manoguard 237
Manoguard 237 is a silane / siloxane aqueous emulsion for hidrophobizing and protecting mineral building materials. Reduces the water absorption of the substrate, without forming a film.


Canister 20 l,  barrel 200 l
Use directions
  • Hidrophobization and protection of concrete, brick and plaster facades
  • Prevents the formation of highs on concrete, protects it from the effects of freezing and thawing processes
  • When impregnating reduces the capillary absorption of building materials, without affecting their vapor permeability
  • "Repels" rainwater from brickwork or decorative ceramics, prevents its absorption and improves the appearance of the coating
  • Protects the structure from damage caused by the absorption of water and harmful substances
  • Protects against mechanical wear, frost, destruction from the action of salts (sulfates, chlorides and nitrates)
  • Can be used as a primer before applying water-based paints and plasters
  • Greater penetration depth in the pores of concrete and other building materials
  • Rapidly achieving the effect of surface hydrophobization
  • Increases resistance to freeze-thaw cycles
  • Allows surfaces to "breathe"
  • Prevents the formation of surface salt formations
  • Provides good adhesion on further staining