DensTop PU 500 Flex

  • DensTop PU 500 Flex
DensTop PU 500 Flex is a two-component, self-leveling polyurethane compound containing no solvents. It is used to create resilient shock- and wear-resistant coatings of enhanced comfort, having high resistance to water, salt solutions, traditional detergents, fuel and lubricants, as well as short-term effects of organic and inorganic acids, solvents, strong alkalis.


Equipment Packing Packaging
component А 
component B
25,1 kg 
18,9 kg 
6,2 kg
  • Chemical resistant floors of industrial premises and laboratories
  • Wear-resistant warehouse floors
  • Waterproof coatings in technical rooms
  • Durable asphalt coating
  • Covering high comfort in office, administrative and sports halls
The surface texture depends on the version and filler
Soft and elastic covering
Partial noise absorption
Water resistant
Blocks foundation cracks
High chemical resistance
Solvent free