Manocryl Setmix

  • Manocryl Setmix
Manocryl Setmix is the liquid of milky-white color on an acrylic basis used as additive to construction solutions and concrete on the basis of the portlandtsement for the purpose of increase in their technical and operational characteristics. The construction solutions prepared with use Manocryl Setmix have the best plasticity, an udoboukladyvayemost, the increased life time and also higher durability on compression and stretching, resistance to wear, reliability and durability.


Canister of 25 kg
Use directions
  • As the modifier for the repair lists of Gidrozo for increase in adhesion to the basis and an intensification of process of curing;
  • As additive in solutions for constructional repair, alignment of surfaces, devices and protection of facades, etc.;
  • As a priming coat before causing repair structures, couplers, the self-leveled concrete and rastvorny mixes on a cement basis for drawing both on vertical, and on horizontal surfaces;
  • Improvement of quality of inexpensive repair and plaster structures.
  • Prolongs terms of a skhvatyvaniye and provides a set of durability at the increased temperatures;
  • Increases plasticity and an udoboukladyvayemost of mix;
  • Reduces shrinkage and reduces risk of emergence of cracks in the course of curing;
  • Raises strength indicators;
  • Increases adhesion to various bases, including with a smooth surface and porous;
  • Increases water tightness of solutions and concrete due to decrease in capillary water absorption;
  • Doesn't contain solvents. It is eco-friendly.