Manopur 575

  • Manopur 575
Unicomponent polyurethane pitch with very low viscosity for injection of damp seams and cracks. Material will be polymerized at contact with water, without changing in volume and forming dense elastomer. After polymerization material is capable to bulk up at contact with water, increasing in volume to 120%. Manopur 575 has high elasticity and is capable to maintain dynamic loadings. Material is reactive in the wide range of a ratio with water in a design: from 20:1 (pitch: water) to 1:8.


bucket of 10, 20 and 25 kg
Use directions
  • For elastic sealing and filling of wet cracks, seams, joints in concrete and stone structures;
  • For sealing work joints in reinforced concrete structures through injection hoses, Ingpipe;
  • For filling cavities, voids and communications inputs.
  • Low viscosity;
  • Does not contain volatile solvents, does not shrink after polymerization;
  • Does not foam, forms a dense elastic structure;
  • Swells on contact with water up to 120%;
  • A one component pump is required for operation;
  • Excellent resistance to corrosive environments: petroleum, mineral oils, wastewater, dilute acids and alkalis;
  • The ability to withstand deformation while maintaining water resistance.