Reolen Fer 1

  • Reolen Fer 1
Reolen Fer 1 is an additive in concrete mixture that increases the protective properties of concrete with respect to steel reinforcement and other metal elements due to the rapid oxidation of soluble ferrous oxide and the formation of passivating iron hidroxide protective films on the steel surface.


Canister of 20 l.
Use directions
  • Production of concrete mixtures for reinforced concrete structures exposed to corrosive environments, including for road construction, tunnel and bridge construction;
  • Production of reinforced concrete hydrotechnical, sea structures;
  • Production of reinforced concrete elements of transport structures exposed to de-icing salts.
  • Compatible with other types of additives in concrete mixes;
  • Provides protection for both cathode and anode sites;
  • It works effectively even in concretes with high density, as well as with a high concentration of chlorides;
  • It can be used for concrete in structures in contact with drinking water;
  • Does not contain nitrites. Safe for the environment.