Manocryl Flex TX

  • Manocryl Flex TX
Manocryl Flex TX is ​​a plasticizer for injection acrylate gels Manocryl Gel V / R based on polyacrylates. Using Manocryl Flex TX instead of water for the preparation of the working mixture increases the strength, elasticity and adhesion of acrylate gels. Manocryl Flex TX reduces air entrainment and reduces gel shrinkage. Manocryl Flex TX suitable for injection cracks and repair joints.


canister of 17 kg
Use directions
  • It is used instead of water to dissolve component B during the preparation of Manocryl Gel R / V hydrogels in the following cases: when injected in areas with large deformations of stretching or bending and when injected in areas where it is necessary to ensure adhesion of the gel to polymeric materials.
  • Increased strength, elasticity and adhesion, reduced air entrapment and reduced shrinkage of injectable acrylate gels. Manocryl Gel V / R
  • Suitable for use with Manocryl Gel R when restoring damaged waterproofing membranes