Starmex MCP

  • Starmex MCP
Starmex MCP is a one-component mineral-based coating containing corrosion inhibitors and providing anticorrosive protection to reinforcing bars of concrete structures, as well as enhancing the adhesion of fresh concrete and repair compounds of the Starmex series to the base.


Bag of 25 kg, bucket of 5 kg
Use directions
  • Active anticorrosive protection of the open or unprotected reinforcing steel
  • Protection of reinforcing steel against carbonization, influence of the marine environment, anti-freezing salts and other hostile environment
  • Creation of an adhesive layer under repair structures
  • The content of the corrosion inhibitors can significantly increase the service life of the structure
  • High adhesion to steel and concrete surfaces
  • Simplicity and convenience of drawing
  • Drawing on the damp basis is possible
  • Suitable for use in poorly ventilated areas