Starmex RM5

Starmex RM5 is a non-shrink high-strength polymer-modified mortar with excellent workability for structural repair of concrete. It has high early  trength. Possesses high adhesion to old and new bases from mineral building materials. Starmex RM5 characterized by high chemical resistance, especially sulphate resistance.


Bag of 25 kg
Use directions
  • Structural repair of concrete and reinforced concrete;
  • Filling of voids;
  • Alignment of surfaces, including ceiling;
  • Repair of structures used in conditions of high mechanical loads and exposure to chemically aggressive environment.
  • Fast curing in the first days of hardening;
  • High early and final strength and durability;
  • No shrinkage, crack resistance;
  • Excellent workability;
  • Excellent adhesion;
  • Ability to use at low ambient temperatures (up to -10 °C);
  • High frost resistance and water resistance;
  • High sulphate resistance.