Reolen PL 411

  • Reolen PL 411
Reolen PL 411 is a liquid additive for ready-mixed concrete mixes that improves the technological properties of concrete and mortar mixes, as well as the performance and physical and mechanical properties of finished products. Allows you to transport the concrete mix to the place of laying due to the increased time of mobility.


Canister of 20 l.
Use directions
  • Preparation of high-quality ready-mixed concrete mixes with increased mobility time;
  • Production of reinforced concrete structural elements using monolithic technology, experiencing high static loads during operation;
  • Production of concrete and mortar with high density and brand strength.
  • Increases the storage time of mobility of the concrete mix;
  • Provides a uniform distribution of aggregates and a binder in the mixture volume;
  • Plasticizes the mixture for concreting hard-to-reach areas and nodes in the formwork;
  • Increases cohesion, eliminates sedimentation and stratification of the mixture;
  • Reduces the W / C ratio and allows to produce high-quality high-density concrete with increased durability and resistance to aggressive effects;
  • Does not contain chlorides and other substances that cause corrosion of reinforcement;
  • Reduces shrinkage and creep of concrete;
  • Increases adhesion to conventional and prestressed steel reinforcement.