Starmeks FM7 F

  • Starmeks FM7 F
Starmex FM7F is a non-shrink polymer-modified fluid mortar with fiber for repair and anchoring. Performs high fluidity and mechanical properties.


Bag of 30 kg
Use directions
  • Grouting between foundations for the support of equipment and machinery.
  • Mounting columns in the precast foundation;
  • Mounting bridge supports;
  • Anchor bolts, cables, etc .;
  • Repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures: foundations, beams, columns, etc .;
  • Repair and alignment of the road surface;
  • Filling of the bases of metal columns.
  • Nonshrinking, doesn't lose contact with the basis, slightly extending structure;
  • High cohesion, fresh solution isn't stratified;
  • The excellent adhesion to the basis, becomes a whole with a design;
  • High early and design durability;
  • Waterproof, is fire-resistant, isn't toxic;
  • After a setting isn't afraid of differences of temperatures;
  • It is steady against influences of periodic loading;
  • It is steady against influence of water and oils, lubricant and its derivatives;
  • Doesn't contain chlorides and metal particles, it isn't aggressive in relation to fittings.