Starmex 1K Flex

  • Starmex 1K Flex

Elastic wear-resistant waterproofing coating with high adhesion to mineral and metal surfaces. A one-component material is mixed with water. It has the ability to block cracks. The coating is abrasion-resistant and resistant to corrosive liquids, such as dilute acids and alkalis. It has high UV resistance.


Bag of 20 kg
Use directions
  • Waterproofing of structures subject to mechanical stress with the possibility of cracking, for example, terraces and balconies;
  • Waterproofing and protection of concrete surfaces of reservoirs for water, swimming pools, showers and other premises with high humidity.
  • Provides high water resistance of the substrate both with positive and negative water pressure;
  • Has a high adhesion to mineral substrates and metal surfaces, can be applied to a wet base;
  • Forms a vapor-permeable coating;
  • Provides quick commissioning (5 days before filling the reservoir with water);
  • High elasticity, ability to cover cracks with opening width up to 1.0 mm;
  • Has a high chemical resistance, wear resistance, prevents the processes of carbonization of concrete and corrosion of reinforcement in reinforced concrete;
  • Suitable for contact with drinking water;
  • Resistant to UV radiation;
  • The facilitating aggregate in the composition of the mixture provides a large yield of the solution mixture and a lower consumption of the product;
  • Reducing the cost of transportation and storage of material, as well as the disposal of packaging due to a more compact package compared with two-component packaging.