Vitrajoint Def

  • Vitrajoint Def
Vitrajoint Def profiles of square section are compression seals of various sizes, made of EPDM rubber. Vitrajoint Def is designed for sealing expansion and technological joints. Thanks to its high-quality material, Vitrajoin Def is resistant to the effects of anti-icing salts, combustible and lubricants, as well as to the effects of UV radiation and ozone. The prestressed Vitrajoint Def profile, glued with the Vitrafin Bond F system, absorbs longitudinal, transverse and vertical movements of the structure. A special internal rib system allows the profile to maintain a consistent shape.


Profile 10 m long
Use directions
  • Sealing of expansion joints of building structures
  • Installation of a profile is possible at negative temperatures and on a damp surface
  • Suture durability
  • Easy installation