Reolen PL 421

  • Reolen PL 421
Reolen PL 421 is an effective liquid superplasticizer additive for high-quality reinforced concrete products manufactured at the factory. It allows to reduce air entrapment in the concrete mix, to preserve the desired persistence of the mobility of the concrete mix with increased kinetics of concrete strength.


Canister of 20 l.
Use directions
  • Preparation of high-quality concrete mixes for products with increased requirements for water resistance, frost resistance, crack resistance and abrasion resistance;
  • Production of reinforced concrete elements experiencing high static loads during operation;
  • Factory production of prestressed concrete products.
  • Preserves the required mobility of the concrete mix with high early concrete strength;
  • Increases the efficiency of the production of concrete products by reducing the duration of TVO and increasing the turnover of forms;
  • Provides a uniform distribution of aggregates and a binder in the mixture volume;
  • Plasticizes the mixture for concreting hard-to-reach areas and nodes in the formwork with a complex configuration and in conditions of thick reinforcement;
  • Increases cohesion, eliminates sedimentation and stratification of the mixture;
  • Reduces shrinkage and creep of concrete;
  • Does not contain chlorides and other substances that cause corrosion of reinforcement;
  • Increases adhesion to conventional and prestressed steel reinforcement.