Manopur S

  • Manopur S
Manopur C is a one-component, low-viscosity, solvent-free, one-component product based on a polyurethane resin with a fast foaming time when interacting with water. After polymerization, the foam has a high elasticity, water resistance and the ability to withstand dynamic loads. The product is compatible with steel, plastic construction elements. The material is hidrophilic, i.e. it swells when in contact with water.


Bucket 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg
Use directions
  • For elastic sealing and filling of wet cracks in concrete, stone structures, and brick structures.
  • For sealing expansion joints.
  • For the device of a waterproofing of reinforced concrete structures subjected to dynamic loads.
  • For soil consolidation.
  • Fast reaction time: end of reaction after 2-5 minutes
  • Non-shrinking material
  • Compatible with steel and plastic elements
  • High elasticity
  • Recommended for use in structures made of natural stone and brickwork.
  • Solvent free