DensTop EP 205

  • DensTop EP 205
DensTop EP 205 is a two-component waterborne epoxy paint for the protection and finishing of surfaces from mineral building and finishing materials: concrete, masonry, plaster, etc. It forms a semi-glossy color coating with excellent decorative properties. Has a high resistance to weathering and can be used in open areas. Due to its characteristics, the material prevents contamination, and also facilitates easy surface cleaning.


Equipment Packing Packaging 
component А 
component B
18 kg 
15 kg 
3 kg
Use directions
  • Economical coverage for floors exposed to light and medium mechanical loads in commercial, industrial, warehouse, basement areas, as well as garages, car repair shops, etc.
  • Universal paint for the protection of vertical and horizontal surfaces of stair flights, stands of sports facilities, etc.
  • A vapor-permeable coating for the processing of tunnel structures, clamping walls, bridge supports, etc.
  • Protective coating of mineral surfaces, exploited in an aggressive environment in industrial plants, as well as in the marine climate.
  • Restorative coating on previously painted surfaces.
  • Environmentally friendly coating for facilities with increased hygiene requirements, for example: food and pharmaceutical production, children's and medical institutions.
  • Easy to apply coating for private buildings.
  • Economical. It allows to make the device of a protective covering of walls and a floor with the minimum expenses owing to the characteristics and a small expense.
  • Water vapor permeability. Possibility of applying the material to wet surfaces.
  • Weather resistance. It retains its original appearance for a long time.
  • High resistance to abrasion.
  • High resistance to the action of salts, oils, petroleum products, alkalis, detergents, disinfecting and deactivating compounds, etc.
  • Reduces surface contamination, is self-cleaning.
  • Ease of use. Has good hiding power, it is possible to apply without priming compositions, cleaning of the tool is done with water.
  • Hygiene. Resistance to mold and fungus formation.
  • It is non-toxic, solvent-free, odorless.