Starmex Plug

  • Starmex Plug
Starmex Plag is a quick-setting hidraulic cement mortar designed to instantly stop water leaks that filter through concrete and masonry. The material is non-shrink, depending on the temperature of the mixing water, it sets for 3-5 minutes. The material is supplied as a dry mix. To get started, you only need to add water.


Bucket of 25 kg and 5 kg
Use directions
  • For immediate elimination of active leaks.
  • For emergency repair of water pipes. To eliminate leaks under high pressure, including under water.
  • For emergency repair of gas pipelines.
  • For anchor fastening of bolts and embedded parts which need to use immediately.
  • For anchoring bolts and inserts, which must be used immediately.
  • It is applied at repair work, both in residential buildings, and in designs of industrial function.
  • As repair solution for filling of superficial defects of designs, seams and so forth.
  • Stops leaks, increasing in volume, and waterproofs surfaces.
  • Does not shrink, does not crack and does not lose strength characteristics in the process of hardening.
  • Quick setting The setting speed of the solution can be adjusted by adding warm or cold water when mixing.
  • Non-toxic, can be used by direct contact with drinking water.
  • Its mechanical characteristics are comparable to those of concrete, and in some cases even surpass them.
  • Grabs under water.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not contain chlorides.