Starmex RM3 Zima

  • Starmex RM3 Zima
Non-shrinking fiber-reinforced thixotropic repair mix for structural repairs. Works can be performed at temperatures from -10 ° С to +30 ° С.


Bag of 30 kg
Use directions
  • Structural repair of concrete without the use of formwork;
  • Restoration of the protective layer of concrete during the exposure of reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures;
  • Restoration of the geometry of damaged precast concrete elements.
  • Non-shrinking compound;
  • Thixotropic composition with the possibility of applying on vertical and ceiling structures;
  • High early and design strength at low temperatures;
  • High grade for waterproofing, is fireproof, non-toxic;
  • High adhesion to the base.