Starmex Flow

  • Starmex Flow
Starmex Flow is a one-component self-leveling mortar consisting of cement and carefully selected aggregates. Starmeks Flow has a high fluidity and is designed specifically for the device of high-strength floor screed with a fast set of strength. Thickness of drawing from 8 to 20 mm.


Bag of 30 kg
Use directions
  • Device screed floor industrial and warehouse space in parking areas, loading and unloading and other areas with high loads;
  • The device leveling screed before laying polymeric self-leveling floors, ceramic tile, linoleum, carpet, laminate and other floor coverings.
  • Fast strength
  • High strength, resistance to abrasion and shock loads
  • Waterproof, resistant to freeze / thaw cycles and anti-icing salts
  • Self-leveling compound
  • Application thickness from 8 to 20 mm
  • Non toxic