Reolen Admiks Eko

  • Reolen Admiks Eko
Reolen Admiks Eko - liquid complex additive for concrete mixtures, providing a significant increase in strength, water resistance, frost resistance, corrosion resistance of concrete.


Canister 20 l.
Use directions
  • Production of hydrophobic concretes with high frost resistance and chemical resistance;
  • Getting plaster and masonry mortars;
  • Production of concrete resistant to carbonates, chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, bacteria, fungi, algae and marine organisms.
  • It gives the stone hydrophobic (water-repellent) properties;
  • Increases frost resistance of concrete and mortars, as well as resistance to corrosive substances;
  • Reduces the phenomenon of capillary moisture transfer through concrete or mortar;
  • Let's combine with all plasticizers of the Reolen series;
  • Does not change the appearance of concrete or mortar;
  • Preserves vapor permeability of the material;
  • Prevents the formation of efflorescence on the surface of concrete or mortar.