Manopox 352 LV

  • Manopox 352 LV
Manopox 352 LV is a 2-component injection resin on an epoxide basis with specific chemical and physical properties. Due to its low viscosity and specific properties the product is used for force transmitting filling of cracks by injection and impregnation methods.


Equipment Packing Packaging 
component А 
component B
3 kg 
1 kg
component А 
component B
20 kg 
15 kg 
5 kg

Use directions
  • Repair of concrete, brickwork, wood, masonry, glass ceramic tiles and metal structures;
  • Force transmitting Filling and sealing of dry and slightly moist cracks and voids;
  • Repair of joints and cracks;
  • Restoration and leveling of damaged concrete and renders;
  • Restoration of edges and corners of construction elements;
  • Can be used as a putty if mixed with aggregates.
  • Good adhesion on substrates. Primer is not required;
  • Very low viscosity, penetrates into hair line cracks of width up to 0,05 mm and into pores providing protection of concrete against aggressive agents;
  • Fast-setting
  • High chemical resistance;
  • Nontoxic. Doesn’t contain solvents. Doesn’t contain nonylphenol;
  • Suitable for moist substrates.