Starmex FM7

Starmex FM7 is a non-shrink polymer-modified excellentfluidity grout for repairs and anchoring with outstanding strength characteristics.


Bag of 30 kg
Use directions
  • Grouting between foundations for the support of equipment and machinery
  • Grouting between the piles and beams
  • Anchoring bridge pillars
  • Anchoring bolts, cables, etc
  • Repair and anchoring concrete structures: foundations, beams, pillars, etc.
  • Repair and leveling pavements
  • No shrinking; permanent contact with the base material, slight expansion
  • High cohesion, no lamination in fresh grout
  • Strong adhesion bond, becomes an integral part of the structure
  • High early and design strength
  • High watertightness and fire resistance, non-toxic
  • Resilience to temperature changes after setting
  • Resistance to intermittent loads
  • Resistance to water and oil, lubricants and their derivatives
  • No chlorides or metal particles; non-corrosive to rebars