Manoxane BFA

  • Manoxane BFA
Manoxane BFA – the sanifying water-based solution with bactericidal, fungicide action. It is intended for processing of surfaces (a natural stone, a silicate brick, plaster, a brick, concrete, a fibrotsement), seaweed, mushrooms, lichens and mosses subject to influence and also for sanitation of the painted front surfaces and surfaces of the internal walls struck with mold mushrooms. Possesses long biocidal action, interferes with development of microorganisms.


Canister 5 and 25 l
Use directions
  • Removal of biological contaminants from natural stone, silicate and ceramic bricks, plasters, concrete, concrete with bare filler, fiber cement, plaster facades;
  • Remediation of grounds for painting;
  • Impregnation for prophylactic protection against the reappearance of biological contamination on substrates for coloring or water-repellent impregnation.
  • Complex bactericidal, fungicidal action;
  • It has a long protective effect;
  • Doesn't contain tenzida (surfactant), heavy metals, chlorine;
  • Does not have a water-repellent effect;
  • Does not require rinsing from the surface.