Undoubtedly, "Gydrozo" is a prestigious name in the field of industrial construction and new technologies in the segment of increase of concrete structures durability. We invite you to become a dealer and join our strong, dynamic team.


Gydrozo dealers become partners of well-known company in the construction industry and and immediately receive a range of benefits.

Why be a dealer of Gydrozo?

  • flexible competitive prices;

  • wide variety of high-tech materials and equipment;

  • comprehensive solutions for durability and reliability of constructions;

  • technical support of projects;

  • excellent service - support of projects at all stages;

  • sales support: training, tutorials, including at the factories of the manufacturers;

  • individual training programs for the personnel of the companies-dealers, certification of employees;

  • marketing support: printed materials, samples of products, joint participation in exhibitions and seminars etc.

Who is interested to be a dealer of Gydrozo?

Our dealer conditions will necessarily be of interest and economically profitable to you, if your construction company is specialized in one or more of the following areas:
  • waterproofing, protection, repair and rebuilt of concrete structures;
  • application of injection materials and technologies;
  • creation of special concrete with additives;
  • bed drainage arrangement.
  • installation and repair of industrial floorings;
  • waterproof finishing and protection of facades;
  • installation and repair of roofs.

How to become a Dealer of Gydrozo?

Contact the Central Office of Gydrozo in any way convenient for you (contact information). Sales office assistants will consult you on all issues and provide full information on the cooperation conditions.