Injpipe Kit

  • Injpipe Kit
For ensuring the fastest and high-quality works we have provided for the injection Injpipe system a set of Injpipe Kit which fully resolves the majority of the issues connected with use of system in various conditions. In Injpipe Kit set you will find: the flexible punched hose which is perfectly protected from contamination in the course of concrete works with the help of a fabric braid; hoses for high pressure; special injection packers (metal with a notch or plastic cone-shaped); fixtures, caps and set of connectors (connecting details). The system is usually stacked to places in which cold seams of concreting will be formed in the future. Polyurethane Manopur pitch 143 will be ideal option for use with a set of Injpipe Kit. The system differs in surprising simplicity and universality. It is actively applied to additional protection of deformation seams (elimination of possible leakages). With Injpipe Kit sealing of seams of concreting takes place much more simply, quicker and on her less materials are required. Economy at the exit turns out rather notable. At the same time any losses in quality.
Use directions
  • It is intended for laying in working concreting seams to eliminate possible leaks, used in combination with Manopur 143 low viscosity polyurethane resin
  • As an additional degree of protection against possible leaks when arranging expansion joints
  • For waterproofing drinking water tanks and water treatment plants
  • In any joints in the construction of underground parking, tunnels and subways, bridge structures, stone dams, power stations, “walls-in-the-ground”, etc.
  • Simplicity in installation and universality of system: interfaces under acute angles, at the different levels, etc.
  • The system for sealing of seams of concreting at new construction, consists of the flexible punched hose, injection packers, hoses of high pressure, fixtures, caps and connecting details. an inimalny consumption of injection pitch, in comparison with a traditional way of injection
  • The simple and effective decision allowing to save considerably on operational costs in the future; provides full and reliable sealing
  • There is no need to drill injection shots and to establish packers
  • Injection is carried out under small pressure that considerably reduces requirements to the pump equipment
  • There is no need to interrupt other works at installation of system
  • The fabric braid excludes hit of concrete in a hose during concrete works
  • It is applied in economic and drinking water supply
  • It is allowed for contact with drinking water