Manodil Cem

  • Manodil Cem
Manodil Cem is a two-component polymer cement sealant for joints, has high elasticity and good adhesion. Component A is a liquid based on special synthetic resins. Component B is a dry mix of cements, additives and special aggregates. Manodil Cem is designed for sealing expansion joints and joints in concrete, block modules and masonry.


Equipment Packing Packaging
component А 
component B
10 kg 
5 kg 
5 kg
Use directions
  • Sealing of expansion joints with movements up to 15% of the seam width
  • Sealing of seams of structures that are in direct contact with water, including drinking water, - pipelines, reservoirs, water treatment plants, etc.
  • Sealing vertical seams of facades of structures and buildings
  • Elimination of cracks resulting from the deformation of concrete and masonry
  • As a material for the treatment of seams of exploited coatings subject to deformations
  • Maintains seam movements up to 15%
  • High chemical resistance and durability
  • High adhesion to wet surfaces
  • Thixotropic. Does not slip from vertical surfaces.
  • Suitable for seams in constant contact with water
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, does not pollute the environment
  • Allowed for contact with drinking water