Manoxan 152

  • Manoxan 152
Manoxan 152 - is a synthetic low-viscous resin with a high content of active ingredients, which penetrates deep into even the thinnest capillaries and pores of building materials. Due to its low density and surface tension, which is lower than that of water, Manoxan 152 pushes water out of the capillaries. Capillaries treated in this way become sealed and hidrophobic. Polymerization of the injection composition proceeds independently of the drying process of the masonry. After polymerization, Manoxan 152 remains elastic, does not decompose and does not collapse, has a neutral environment, does not form efflorescence and does not have a corrosive action on steel reinforcement.


Bucket of 5 l, 25 l
Use directions
  • Shut-off waterproofing of concrete, brick and stone exterior and interior walls exposed to capillary rising moisture
  • Gidrofobization of the vertical surfaces which are affected by atmospheric moisture
  • Protection of mineral surfaces from efflorescence
  • Narrows the diameter of pores and capillaries, hydrophobizing their surface and pushes water out of them.
  • Does not affect the appearance of the surface
  • Suitable for waterproofing walls of any thickness, including walls with high humidity and high salt content
  • Allows you to remove salt from the surface and throughout the thickness of the walls.
  • Environmentally safe, solvent free, non-corrosive