Manoguard MIK

  • Manoguard MIK
Manoguard MIK is an impregnating liquid intended for applying reinforced concrete structures to the surface to protect reinforcing rods. Manoguard MIK penetrates deep into concrete, creates a protective monomolecular layer on the surface of the reinforcement.


Bank of 1 kg, canister of 5 kg and 25 kg
Use directions
  • As anticorrosive protection of reinforcing steel of reinforced concrete structures;
  • As a protection for reinforcing steel with the threat of exposure to chlorides and an intensive process of carbonization of concrete;
  • To protect reinforcing steel structures with intact concrete surfaces of historical and cultural value.
  • Penetrates through a protective layer of concrete, does not change the appearance of the reinforced concrete structure;
  • Does not reduce the vapor permeability of concrete;
  • It can be applied to the surface of damaged concrete before applying the repair compound;
  • Provides protection of fittings on the cathode and anode mechanisms;
  • Extends the life of reinforced concrete structures;
  • Simple and easy to apply.