DensTop PU 208 Flex

  • DensTop PU 208 Flex
A two-component colored polyurethane-based mastic that forms an elastic waterproofing seamless membrane with high resistance to UV radiation. It is used as a finishing layer in the system of protective coatings DensTop, as well as a universal independent coating.


Equipment Packing  Packaging 
component А 
component B
20 kg 
15 kg 
5 kg
Use directions
  • As a finishing layer in the system of protective coatings DensTop.
  • Waterproof coating on exploited and unexploited roofs, terraces, open areas, etc.
  • Waterproofing of exploited and unexploited roofs, balconies, terraces, etc .;
  • Waterproofing foundations, retaining walls and other recessed structural elements;
  • Durable coating of tanks, freezers, etc.
  • Decorative and waterproofing coating of swimming pools, fountains, cascades, aquariums, artificial ponds.
  • High adhesion to materials of the DensTop protective coating system, as well as to other types of bases.
  • Resistance to weathering and UV radiation. Does not turn yellow;
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 ° C to +100 ° C.
  • Hides surface defects, forming a smooth matte seamless coating.
  • Resistant to chemically aggressive media: waste and sea water, greases and oils, anti-icing salts, dilute solutions of acids and alkalis.