Manoguard Top 120

  • Manoguard Top 120
Manogard Top 120 is a polymer liquid on organic solvents, applied with a roller or spray method. It is used as an impregnation-curing of fresh concrete and cement-sand bases, which ensures the correct hidration of the binder.


bucket of 25 l, flank of 200 l
Use directions
  • For protection of the concrete bases against fast evaporation of moisture
  • For care of the strengthened bases like Starmeks Top of natural color
  • For concrete dust removal.
  • Reduces the risk of shrinkage cracks
  • Provides proper hydration of the binder
  • Reduces the cost of works on care of newly-laid concrete
  • It is easily put
  • Facilitates process of cleaning and cleaning of the basis
  • Good penetration