1K hand pump (BM 0220)

  • 1K hand pump (BM 0220)
Manual injection piston pump BM 0220 is designed to work with microcements and aqueous suspensions with a aggregate size of not more than 0.3 mm. The very small size of the model makes it easy to work on scaffolding, in small spaces. The absence of the need to use electricity in the course of operation provides a very broad perspective for its use. Used hand piston pump for injection BM 0220, if necessary, to make the injection of cement glue or suspension, as well as for the injection of aqueous solutions and microemulsions. The advantages of the BM 0220 are more than obvious - it is mobile, has high performance, an extremely robust design and is very inexpensive at the same time. In fact, BM 0220 - this is the case when the tool is not superfluous. Our experience suggests that at times it will be much more profitable and faster to use the BM 0220, rather than trying to attach a larger electric pump. According to this model, we receive only positive calls from our customers.
Use directions
  • Injection of cement slurry;
  • Injection of cement glue;
  • Injection of aqueous solutions (alkali silicate silicon materials, silicate solutions);
  • Injection of microemulsions.
  • High performance and mobility;
  • Reliable design;
  • Low cost.