Armoshell GT 100

  • Armoshell GT 100
Armoshell GT 100 is the special nonwoven cloth intended for interlaminar reinforcing waterproofing and sheetings on all surface or in especially dangerous zones, such as: working seams, deformation seams, adjunctions to parapets, inputs of communications, etc. Material easily becomes impregnated even with viscous structures and possesses high mechanical characteristics that considerably increases durability of coverings, prevents interlaminar stratifying, reduces risk of formation of cracks. Well smoothed pile from two parties of a cloth provides a smooth and plain surface. Armoshell GT 100, depending on the used materials, allows to increase durability of a ready covering in 2 and more times.


Armoshell GT 100 is supplied in rolls: - 1.2 m x 100 m - 1.2 m x 50 m
Use directions
  • Interlayer reinforcement of waterproofing and protective coatings on a polymer base.
  • Interlayer reinforcement of bitumen based coatings.
  • Interlayer reinforcement of elastic mineral-based coatings.
  • Interlaminar reinforcing of coverings in a zone of interface of designs, working seams, adjunctions to parapets, ventilating boxes, inputs of communications, light lamps, etc.
  • The device of a compensation loop when sealing deformation seams.
  • Easily becomes impregnated even with viscous structures, at the same time changing the color.
  • Allows to control thickness of the put layer.
  • Simplicity of laying on the bases of any form. It is well bent, doesn't form folds, doesn't slip in the direction of the movement of the tool.
  • High tensile strength and elasticity.
  • High adhesion to various materials. Doesn't lead to stratification of coverings.
  • Has well smoothed pile. Isn't seen from a covering, provides a smooth and plain surface.
  • High chemical resistance, resistance to atmospheric actions and UF-radiation.