Manoguard Top 117

  • Manoguard Top 117
Manoguard Top 117 is a chemically active liquid impregnation for concrete intended for the protection, dedusting, hardening and sealing of concrete floors.


Canister 20 kg, canister 25 kg, barrel 200 l
Use directions
  • For the device of economical concrete floors of internal and external warehouses, production halls, garages, car parks, shopping centers, markets and other objects with increased pedestrian and transport load
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, explosion-proof, odorless
  • The material forms a water-repellent film that does not change under the influence of water and protects the surface from the effects of freeze-thaw cycles
  • Prevents the formation of surface lime and deposition of pollutants
  • Does not yellow, preserves and improves the natural tone of the surface
  • Resistance to UR, aliphatic acids, urea and alkalis
  • Reduces the cost of repair work and ensures better preservation of the treated surface
  • Provides resistance to ultraviolet rays, the material is inert to the effect of most common acids, alkalis, solvents, bitumen, lubricants and oils
  • Provides high adhesion, hermetically seals cracks and has the flexibility to shift the primer under the coating
  • Creates a transparent protective coating, preventing the corrosion of concrete