DensTop PU 302

  • DensTop PU 302
Two-component coating based on aliphatic polyurethane. Polymerizing, the product forms a glossy elastic and at the same time very strong protective film, which is weatherproof and UV-resistant, that is, good color fastness when applied to external surfaces.


Equipment Packing Packaging 
component А 
component B
20 kg 
16 kg 
4 kg
Use directions
  • Protection against abrasive wear and decorative finishing of coatings and floors with a high degree of wear, such as parking areas, docks, sidewalks, shopping centers, etc.
  • Protection against corrosion and decorative finishing of metal structures, bridges, treatment plants, berthing facilities, tanks, etc.
  • Finishing of multilayer external systems, both epoxy and polyurethane.
  • Protection from ultraviolet radiation and chemical protection of surfaces from the influence of aggressive substances: petroleum products, fuel, lubricants and oils, dilute solutions of acids, alkalis, salts in swimming pools, aquariums, tanks, cooling towers, etc.
  • Protection and finishing of external surfaces on standard substrates such as concrete, mortar, metal, wood, etc.
  • Resistance to UV radiation, high color fastness
  • High durability, resistance to weathering. Wide operating temperature range
  • Resistant to the effects of chemically aggressive media: sewage, sea water, lubricants and oils, de-icing salts, dilute solutions of alkalis, acids, salts
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Very high abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Fast drying
  • Can be used for non-slip flooring with sand sanding
  • Non-toxic