DensTop EP 201

  • DensTop EP 201
DensTop EP 201 is a two-component color composition on an epoxy basis, solvent-free. After polymerization, the product forms a durable matte coating with high wear resistance and adhesion to the substrate. It is used for the protection of concrete and metal structures in the protective coating system DensTop, as well as as an independent coating.


Equipment Packing Packaging 
component А 
component B
20 kg 
16 kg 
4 kg
Use directions
  • In the system of protective coatings DensTop;
  • Anticorrosive coating of metal and reinforced concrete structures;
  • Waterproof covering of buried parts of buildings and structures, collectors, drainage systems, various hydraulic structures;
  • Chemically resistant coating of reservoirs, treatment facilities, drainage overpasses;
  • Wear-resistant coating of bridges, floors of warehouse and industrial premises, equipment, storage tanks;
  • Non-slip covering of ramps, floors in cattle-breeding complexes;
  • Stable to mechanical loads covering unloading sites, landing stages, etc .;
  • Protective coating of cooling towers, retaining walls, etc .;
  • Decorative coating of fountains, cascades, swimming pools, aquariums, etc .;
  • Repair of old coatings.
  • Forms a seamless coating, takes the form of the base;
  • High adhesion to concrete and metal surfaces, wear resistance, resistance to impact;
  • Resistant to thermal deformation of the bases;
  • High resistance to the action of chemically aggressive media: sewage and sea water, lubricants and oils, reagents, dilute solutions of acids and alkalis;
  • Comes in different colors;
  • Cold application, does not require the use of an open flame or heating;
  • Does not contain solvents, can be applied in poorly ventilated rooms;
  • Suitable for contact with drinking water.