Starmex Floor

  • Starmex Floor
Starmex Floor is a one-component cement-based mortar. Starmex Flor possesses a rapid set of strength and is suitable for the installation of any types of screeds in the repair and new construction. Thickness of drawing is from 20 to 150 mm.


Bag of 30 kg
Use directions
  • Alignment of the surface of floors of residential, office, industrial and warehouse space under the laying of polymeric self-leveling floors, ceramic tiles, linoleum, carpet, laminate and other floor coverings.
  • Fast strength: 3 hours after the installation of the screed on the coating, the builders can move, and after 15 hours - laying the floor covering;
  • The mortar mixture is not stratified;
  • Allows surface leveling in a single pass;
  • High mechanical strength, non-shrinkage;
  • Easy to use, miscible with water;
  • Non-toxic.