Reolen MKZ

  • Reolen MKZ
Complex additive based on ultrafine silica powder for concrete mixtures, which reduces shrinkage, improves the technological properties of the mixture, as well as the performance and physical and mechanical properties of concrete.


Bag of 13 kg
Use directions
  • Preparation of high-quality concrete mixes for a wide range of applications, incl. for road construction, tunnel and bridge construction
  • Production of reinforced concrete elements experiencing high static loads during operation;
  • Getting concrete with high water resistance, frost resistance, durability.
  • In combination with additives, Reolen PL plasticizes the concrete mix, enhances cohesion, eliminates sedimentation and stratification of the mixture;
  • Increases strength, resistance to abrasive loads of concrete;
  • Increases water resistance, frost resistance, resistance to concrete salts;
  • Reduces the permeability of concrete to gases, chlorides;
  • Reduces shrinkage and creep of concrete;
  • Increases the resistance of concrete to sulphate corrosion.