Manocryl Gel R

  • Manocryl Gel R
Manocryl Gel R is a three-component, water-swelling-capable hidrogel based on acrylate or methacrylate with very good mechanical properties, especially with an extremely high elongation.



component А1 
component А2 
component В
21,5 kg 
20 kg 
0,5 kg 
Use directions
  • For elastic sealing of deformation and structural joints, microcracks in concrete and stone structures;
  • For sealing joint seams, threading through the Inpipe hose system;
  • To create a shut-off waterproofing from raising capillary moisture over brick and stone walls;
  • For anti-filtration curtains for structures;
  • For filling caverns, voids, communications inputs;
  • For consolidation of soils.
  • Quick-setting with the ability to adjust the gel time in a wide range (from a few seconds to several hours), depending on the temperature and amount of the initiator of the reaction;
  • Non-shrinking in moisture-saturated environments (wet ground or equilibrium moisture of brickwork). Non-precipitation can be achieved in a non-aqueous medium by using a special plasticizer Manoсryl Flex / Manoсryl Flex Tix;
  • Shrinkage and swelling of the gel when the water level is changed is a reversible process. The life time of the gel, proved by full-scale tests in natural conditions (freezing / thawing, swelling / drying) is more than 10 years;
  • Has a proven resistance to freeze / thaw cycles (at a temperature of -30 ° C / + 23 ° C for at least 100 cycles) even without a plasticizer;
  • In combination with the plasticizer has a proven water resistance > 7 bar;
  • Low viscosity over a wide temperature range. The composition penetrates into microcracks with a width of opening less than 0.05 mm;
  • High adhesion to polymer membranes (TPO, PVC) with the use of a special plasticizer Manoсryl Flex Tix;
  • The product contains innovative additives - passivating corrosion, which provides 100% protection of reinforced concrete structures from corrosion processes of reinforcing bars and metal elements;
  • The product contains biocidal additives that prevent the growth of fungus and mold, as well as the germination of plant roots, even when injecting the formulation into the soil. The life of the gel, proven by field tests, when injected into the ground is more than 10 years;
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive media: oil products, mineral oils, waste water, alkalis and acids;
  • Suitable for contact with drinking water.