Reolen PL 409

  • Reolen PL 409
Reolen PL 409 is a universal liquid super-plasticizer additive for concrete mixtures of low and middle classes. Allows you to adjust the mobility of the mixture and its physico-mechanical characteristics.


Canister 20 l.
Use directions
  • Preparation of ready-mixed concrete mixes for a wide range of applications;
  • Production of reinforced concrete structural elements using monolithic technology, with increased loads during operation;
  • Getting concrete with high density and brand strength;
  • Factory production of prestressed concrete products;
  • Preparation of suspensions of microcements.
  • Excellent dispersing effect;
  • Facilitation of filling concrete with hard-to-reach areas and nodes;
  • Allows to reduce the water content in the concrete mix;
  • Increases the period of workability of the mixture, slowing the beginning of the setting of concrete;
  • Improves cohesion, eliminates sedimentation and stratification of the mixture;
  • The reduced W / C ratio allows to produce concrete with increased durability by increasing the resistance of concrete to the effects of aggressive substances;
  • Does not contain chlorides and other substances that cause corrosion of reinforced concrete;
  • It improves adhesion to conventional and prestressed steel reinforcement.