Starmex Screed СR

  • Starmex Screed СR
Starmex Screed СR is a one-component cement-based composition with the addition of corundum aggregate and polymer fiber to harden the freshly laid concrete floor by injection molding technology, as well as for the installation of high-strength abrasion-resistant and shock loads of the thin-layer coating on the old concrete floor. Thickness of drawing is from 5 to 15 mm.


Bag of 25 kg
Use directions
  • Device screed floor industrial and warehouse space in parking areas, loading and unloading and other areas with high load
  • Coating inside buildings and open areas
  • Water resistant, high mechanical strength, resistance to abrasion and shock loads
  • Resistance to UV radiation, exposure to freeze / thaw cycles, anti-icing salts and other corrosive media, including fuel and lubricants