Manoguard PSM

  • Manoguard PSM
One-part composition on a polymer-silicate basis for the protection and strengthening of weak bases and preparation of saline mineral surfaces for application of materials for various purposes. Due to the principle of action and low viscosity, the material penetrates deep into the base, narrows the pores and blocks salts, forming hardly soluble salts from readily soluble.


Canister 10 kg
Use directions
  • Priming of surfaces before the device of finishing and protective coatings;
  • Protection of structures from the effects of splashes and moisture in combination with protective materials Starmex;
  • Increase in mechanical characteristics of waterproofing coatings, incl. strength, wear resistance, etc .;
  • Blocking of salts and prevention of high temperatures on the surface, incl. before applying sanitizing plasters;
  • Increase in chemical resistance and strengthening of bases, as well as finishing and insulation coatings;
  • Dedusting surfaces.
  • One-component system. Easy to apply;
  • Can be applied on wet substrates;
  • Water vapor permeability, can be used in conditions of negative hydrostatic pressure;
  • Can be used on all types of mineral bases, except gypsum;
  • It is non-toxic, does not contain solvents, is not flammable.