Manoguard FR

  • Manoguard FR
Manoguard FR - liquid cleaner for mineral surfaces, allowing to exclude mechanical treatment of bases before applying penetrating waterproofing, repair compounds, plasters, paints, sealants.


Canister of 5 l Canister of 10 l
Use directions
  • Removal of a cement milk from a concrete surface;
  • Removal of salt deposits, atmospheric pollution from the surface of concrete, brick and stone;
  • Elimination of working joints when concreting monolithic structures;
  • Increase in adhesion to the basis of the materials applied on a surface;
  • Improving the efficiency of penetrating and impregnating compositions.
  • Allows to exclude mechanical cleaning, milling, sand-, shot-, hydro- and hydro-sandblasting, notching with diamond tools and perforators during surface preparation;
  • Deletes a cement milk and opens a time, without destroying the basis;
  • The unicomponent structure, is easily caused by means of a brush or the roller;
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, explosion-proof, odorless;
  • Do not contain hydrochloric, acetic, citric, orthophosphoric acids and substances that destroy concrete.