1K electric diaphragm pump (BM 1200)

  • 1K electric diaphragm pump (BM 1200)
Compactness, reliability and extremely high efficiency – all this business cards of BM 1200. This membrane pump for injection is intended for professionals and will perfectly fit into any building site. The membrane pump for injections of BM 1200 is equipped with the special regulator of pressure for ensuring smooth, stepless adjustment of supply of material and pressure. For convenience of movement electric membrane pumps of the BM 1200 specification are mounted on the cart. Generally this specification is applied to sanitation of various concrete designs, injections polymeric pitches (is slightly more rare water-based structures and microcement suspensions) and to drawing by splashing of the grounding structures.
Use directions
  • sanitation of concrete designs;
  • causing the grounding structures and sheetings by method of a nabryzg;
  • injection of any complexity with the help of polymeric pitches, water-based structures or containing solvents and also microcement suspensions, in which diameter of grain no more than 0,1 mm.
  • smooth adjustment of pressure of giving and control of consumption of materials: ranging from 0 up to 240 atmospheres, and from 0 to 3 l/min respectively;
  • high efficiency;
  • the high quality of a design, details adjoining to injection materials are made of stainless steel;
  • at a nabryzga the compressor isn't required;
  • mobility.