Starmex Chekan

  • Starmex Chekan
Starmex Chekan is a fast-setting, non-shrinking mixture for installation and fastening of structural elements during the construction and repair of buildings and structures. The thixotropy of the composition allows it to be applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Bag of 25 kg.
Use directions
  • Fixing of fasteners, pipes, sanitary fittings, etc.
  • Installation of door frames, window frames made of wood and metal
  • Mounting electrical equipment and junction boxes
  • Fastening wooden skirting
  • Sealing grooves around pipes and supplying communications in water tanks, tanks, etc.
  • Sealing weak leakages in basements, elevator shafts, etc.
  • Preliminary sealing and waterproofing of cracks, seams, joints, mates, abutments, communications entries in statically loaded precast and monolithic concrete structures for subsequent repair
  • Installation and mounting of manholes, grates, etc.
  • Fast setting, no shrinkage
  • A quick set of high compressive and tensile strengths makes it possible to subject a fixed element to operational loads as soon as possible after installation.
  • Resistance to water, cyclic freezing and thawing
  • Does not contain chlorides and metal fillers