Starmex Arsul

  • Starmex Arsul
Thixotropic one-component composition designed for mounting spiral anchors in stone and masonry (according to DIN 1164). It is applied according to the installation instructions for spiral anchors. The system is designed to connect with a power circuit on the side of the crack.


Bag of 25 kg.
Use directions
  • For mounting spiral anchors for the following types of damage
  • Cracks in a facade;
  • Cracks in the field of openings;
  • Cracks in the field of collapses;
  • Cracks in the area of ​​arched lintels
  • Binding of the arches fixing laying/restoration.
  • High strength and deformativny characteristics of structure;
  • High frost resistance;
  • It can be applied to internal and external works;
  • High adhesion;
  • Resistant to sulfates.