1K electric piston pump (BM 0401)

  • 1K electric piston pump (BM 0401)
BM 0401 is designed to work on the injection of a wide range of nodes of a wide variety of building structures. It can work with epoxy, polyurethane and other types of polymeric compositions of medium and low viscosity. The hand drill, which is supplied, powers the pump. By adjusting the speed of the electric drill, you can adjust the performance of the pump. Pressure depends on the material used and the type of work and can vary from 0 to 400 atmospheres. We pay your attention - in a set of BM 0401 there is no pressure regulator. BM 0401 is a lightweight and compact electric pump, which, due to its mass of 8 kg, can be used in any hard-to-reach places. This injection piston pump has a capacity of up to 1 liter per minute. Among the advantages of the BM 0401, it is worth noting a reliable design, ease of use and cleaning, mobility and convenience. It can be used for injection of active leaks under pressure, waterproofing and other tasks.
Use directions
  • injection of 1K and 2K polyurethane and epoxy resins;
  • injection in hard to reach places;
  • work under a working pressure of up to 400 atmospheres;
  • injection to eliminate active leaks under pressure, waterproofing and sealing joints.
  • easy to use and clean;
  • high performance and operating pressure up to 400 bar;
  • reliable design;
  • mobility