Spiral Anchor BM 2860

  • Spiral Anchor BM 2860
Metal spiral rod - an element of the system of reinforcement of masonry. It is used together with the solution for spiral rods Starmex Arsul. The rod is made of stainless steel. It is a metal rod with a core with a diameter of 6/8/10 mm and fins, located along a spiral arc like a screw.


Prut rod 1 m, bay 10 m
Use directions
  • Masonry reinforcement;
  • Elimination of masonry defects: cracks in the masonry walls, columns, foundations, arches and vaults, cracks in the area of ​​door, window openings and other openings;
  • As links in masonry;
  • Reinforcement of units and joints of structures;
  • Mechanical anchoring of structural elements;
  • Fastening front elements.
  • Does not reduce the aesthetic qualities of masonry;
  • Reducing tensile stresses in masonry;
  • Works in the elastic stage of deformations;
  • Works in tension and shear;
  • It is not subject to corrosion;
  • The developed surface with two spiral coils, gives a uniform distribution of effort;
  • Small diameter and light weight;
  • High mechanical properties.