Pyroshell AK 226

  • Pyroshell AK 226
Fireproof material Pyroshell AK 226 is a composition based on acrylic resins in an organic solvent and is designed to create a fire retardant coating on metal building structures in order to increase their fire resistance. The mechanism of action of the material is the swelling of the coating film under the action of high temperature (250 ° C and above) with the formation of insulating foam, which slows down the heating of structures to the temperature of loss of stability.


Bucket 20 kg
Use directions
  • It is applied as protection against naked flame or high-temperature influences of the steel bearing structures, such as columns, farms, struts and other elements of the designs located as in rooms, buildings and constructions, and in the open air.
  • High adhesion to various grounded surfaces;
  • High thermoplasticity;
  • Technological effectiveness of drawing;
  • High fireproof efficiency;
  • Water resistance;
  • Possibility of a kolerovka of structure.